The conquest of Russia

First exportation of Belgian Blue

A chilly morning but happy BBG!


The departure of 27 Belgian Blue animals to Voronej, about 650km south of Moscow in Russia, was a very emotional moment. The Belgian Blue is mainly known for its qualities when used for crossing all over the world. But the Russian farmer bought a livestock for pure breeding.

This convoy is a great moment for the Walloon breeding. The selected animals are coming for the first time from 7 different Walloon farms. At the end, 25 heifers and 2 breeding bulls left after a quarantine period of 28 days that has been closely followed by the State Veterinary Inspection. The Russian and the Belgian health authorities met to sign the EU-Russia health certificate.

The project and the goal of this partnership are ambitious. Russia wants thanks to these exchanges to create a display of the breed and to develop the crossing on local breeds. The country hopes in this way to answer a growing demand for meat.

This new market confirms the development of BBG towards Eastern Europe. Belgian Blue Group knows a growing success over a past few years. More than 2 million straws of our best Walloon breeding bulls are exported today to more than 50 countries worldwide.

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